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A person is a victim of poverty when he or she is forced or left out with no other choice either other ways but to live or spend their lives outside the shelter on the streets, below flyover and bridges, parks and endanger their health, privacy, and safety.

People from rural India come to urban mega cities in hope and search of jobs. These people don’t have any permanent shelter or a place to live in and maximum of them are daily wage laborers.

My case study is on a homeless family who lives in the Sarai Kale Khan Night Shelter . when I

had an interaction with Manoj Kumar, the head of the family. Manoj Kumar is 42 years old and is a father of two sons- Mukesh and Manish. Mukesh is 7 years old and Manish is 2years 7 months old Madhuri Devi is the wife of Manoj.

Manoj was 7 years old when he first arrived in Delhi. He told me he had been living in Delhi

from 35 years ago. When I asked him about his childhood memories ... he said "jo sab aam aadmi ke hote hai". When I ask him about his education he said he studied until he reached

Grade 8 at a public school in Bhopal. He smiled again he told me that at the time he was

studying he was getting one and two glasses of milk slices of sweet bread every morning. He told me that in those days a ticket of the film was 1 rupees and 25 paisaas, and he often went with 3-4 of his friends to watch. a morning show at the Eros cinema, and after that he used to go to his school afternoon work. He said he also used to play a lot of games, but those games are not the same played again in modern times. You still remember the bus route from Bhopal – Central Market-Lajpat Nagar, said (413,431,418,428) "Yeh sare buse jaate the Bhopal se Lajpat "But when I ask him if he likes to say" aaj ke dilli "or" 30 saal phe ke dilli ". he laughed and said"aaj ke dilli";. I asked him why? He said today you have a mobile phone in your pocket, you can watch a movie, listen to songs, and get used to it re-recording, you now have a metro After 30 years you had four legs in The TV now has no leg, you can watch TV at your own level of comfort; and has a great structure… ”toh aaj ke dilli jayada ache hai ”.

He said he had met with various political leaders such as Lal Krishan Advani, Atal Bihari

Vajpayee, Sharad Yadav and former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam. He said he met Abdul Kalam at his guest house. When I ask what was the reason for his meeting with the President of India. He smiled and told to me that he said to the President that “aap desh ke Rashtrapati hai, hum nagrik hai toh mei ek aam admi ke hasiyaat se milne aaya hu ”. He told me I was gone for them as soon as I was introduced to the President I did not go to seek anything. I asked him what he meant when he said that he was an observant citizen ... he replied again he said he was telling people what the truth was, what politics was about. He said he still had it he went from house to house in basti and has helped people to make and find their own share card, voter ID because he thinks these are the most important things everyone in jhuggi should have them. When I ask him how he earns money in this process? He said before I did not take money from them all this but as now I have a family to support, so I take a full day's salary for that person if you earn that day by working… and said you only take money when the work of man is finished He said although he had a lot of political connections, he never asked for it anything to anyone. He said he had lived in Barapullah jhuggi for about 30 years years. He said his jhuggi was demolished on May 14, 2007 but never after that he made a new jhuggi in the same place on the railway government land. But when I ask why did you leave the jug? He said to get out of there to save the health of his family. He said there were a lot of illegal and wrong things going

on there. He said no one wants to stay here, par kya kare. When I ask him the challenges of

homeless, he replied "apna ghar toh apna hota hai"

When I ask him about his desires in life? He said if the whole Government asked that they work for aam aadmi, hence the govt. I have to do something that leads to elevation of aam aadmi down. He said the government. you must keep a half of the poor people too to understand what a poor person thinks, how he eats and he lives a life. He said no one should stay in the dark.

Everyone should be you know. They need to know what government is doing and how it is

helping a normal person. He told me even though many people told him “Beta if you need it tell us anything, ”he said, adding that he had never wanted anything in his life.

I hear I am happy and satisfied that after much communication I have begged him to send her for 7 years the oldest child in the school. He said he would definitely take her to school from a new age educational session. And you have all the information about EWS reservations student

in private schools.

He concludes that he knows that the journey of honesty, the truth passes many difficulties and obstacles. But when the truth comes, it lasts forever and always stands whole life.

About The Author

Jeshika Singh Gurjar

Research intern

The stambh organation ,India

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