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This Diwali Emit Gloominess by Spreading Happiness

This Diwali I tried to help some homeless people in my town by donating some clothes and


There is a great initiative taken in my town by establishing a ‘Neki Ki Deewar.

Anyone who wants to donate can leave their belongings here and anyone who needs it can take the things from here. As I observed many times when we donate something to people, they feel embraced but sometimes they need something else and can not demand it from the donor, so, it is good that they can take whatever they need without hesitation. Here I donated some of my unused clothes and footwear.

Also I gave diyas to those who live in slum. I didn’t give anything directly to them, I just went

with diyas to talk to them and when I gave those to them I saw their happy faces. One little girl came to me and said “bhaiya ek diya mujhe bhi de do”. I gave her a diya and after getting them diya she was so happy. I asked her what she will do with it, she said that she also wanted to light her hut this Diwali. Then I went to an old lady, he was with her grand child beside her in a palna made on a charpai, I gave her diyas, she said that she needed something to eat too because her son and daughter-in-law went to other town. I gave something to eat to her. This is the only photo that I clicked and also this was clicked without asking her so I blurred her face. But when I was clicking it she noticed me and she felt a little bit uncomfortable so this is the only photo that I captured.

Also, I have a suggestion that if you are donating something than don’t focus on pictures because other person feel embraced by this. We must be discreet with our kindness. We should sit with them, talk to them and try to understand their problems and as much possible try to solve their problems.

I observed one more thing that during these kind of festivals everyone do something for the

underprivileged but what about other days. Sometimes they get more than enough in festive

season but in regular days they have to struggle for bare minimum things. I would like to suggest one thing that NGOs should take initiative and collect the donation form the donors in both monetary form and in material form and give to the underprivileged time to time when they need.


Veer K. Jain




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