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I was elated to be part of the first task of The Stambh Internship. It was my first ever

experience of donation. First time in a long time I

stepped out of my comfort zone to do something

that would provide happiness to others.





It was a different experience when I stepped out

of my home and went to a nearby slum area. I met

a lot of people and seeing their methods of surviving filled my heart with melancholy. There

were old people, young children, and even infants. The men there usually worked at

construction sites and the women did the household chores like washing clothes and cooking

food. Some of the women also worked at the construction sites along with their husbands and

children. All of their condition was poor and they barely had enough resources to survive.

The place they lived in was dirty and their houses were old and weak. They depended upon

the little income that they luckily earned after their backbreaking work.

Even after living their lives in such miserable conditions, they all had big smiles on their

faces while talking to me. I told them that I had come to distribute some clothes and utensils.

They were overwhelmed and showed me their place.

A 16 year old boy who worked at a store to earn money for his family.

She was very happy seeing the saree i gave her and then she gave me blessings

One by one I distributed clothes to them and they thanked me and gave me their blessings. It was a moment so close to my heart and I had tears in my eyes. I was amazed by the thought that even after facing difficulties every day, a person could live such lives filled with


This old lady was so kind that she even asked me to have some food at her home.

The families were not educated but were very kind and caring. The people wanted to send

their children to schools. The children also had great ambitions in their lives. When I asked

them about there future plans like what they wanted to become in life, some said doctors,

some said engineers and every child wanted to study and earn money. The children said that

they wanted to be rich and live in good, big houses as they saw in the city.

Seeing them living like this, deprived of the basic needs of life was heart-breaking. Living in

those slums seemed so suffocating to me. They did not even have a proper water facility in

their area. The whole area was messy and dirty and would be filled with infections and

He was a small boy who

was just happy to get new

clothes and some sweets.

diseases like Malaria, Typhoid, and Dengue. People already suffering from diseases did not

have the money to buy medicines.

I met a girl who was nearly my age. Her name was Komal and she was currently studying

from her phone preparing for the UPSC examination. I wished her luck and told her to call

me if she needed anything.



Research Intern

The Stambh Organisation



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