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Donating unused clothes, books, and utensils to the underprivileged

Stambh Organisation

Report submission of the whole experience of whole experience of donating unused clothes, books, and utensils to the underprivileged with Diya.

So, I got the opportunity of an internship at Stambh Organisation. And the first task we got was to donate our unused belongings to the underprivileged/homeless. Firstly, I was not sure if I could do this because I am not that social but then I had to do this. So I grabbed my things like old clothes, books, and some toys and went to the outskirts of my town because that's where the homeless people generally live.

So when I went there I saw kids playing with each other and some ladies were gossiping with each other and looking at me strangely. I gathered some courage and asked one of the ladies that I have come here to donate some things to them. At first they hesitated but then after having some conversation they asked me to come and sit with them.

I asked one of the kids to call his friends so that I can gift them whatever I bought for them. After some time he and a few more kids came and I gave them books and toys, they were so happy while receiving the toys their big smiles were mesmerizing. Everyone started playing with the toy right away. I gave the clothes to their parents so that they can distribute them accordingly. I gave some firecrackers to the children to enjoy on Diwali.

Overall it was a very pleasing experience. I get to know a lot about them by talking to them.

They told me about a lot of things like how they are not able to live a normal life like others do as they do not have any source of income. And how they are saddened on Diwali, the fact that they can not send their kids to school as they are not financially in a good position. There are a lot of other reasons why they are like this. At present, I am not in a position of helping them majorly but I assured them that I will regularly visit them and help them with whatever is in my hand.

About The Author

Raj Singh

Research Intern ,

The Stambh Organisation, India

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