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Analyzing the cause of child labour (migration) both mentally and economically

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

The objective of the study: -

To analyze the cause of child labour (migration) both mentally and economically.

Facts: -

Name: Vinod

Occupation: Migrant Labour

Native Resident of Madhupur, Jharkhand

Presently working at Mumbai

Age: 16 years

Introduction: -

The key problem in this study is that Vinod being a 16 years boy is working as daily-waged labour under a construction company. He is working in a hazardous environment; he is under a probability of getting injured.

Background: -

Vinod lives in a quite big family which includes his mother his step-mother and 6 siblings. His father is a driver in a private company and refuses to come back home or send money to the mothers for taking care of the children. Therefore, is a compulsion to get his steps out of the house and earn a living for himself and his family.

Evaluation: -

Vinod as an under-aged boy is not allowed to work in hazardous situations. And it should be noted that he is working in a building construction company where there will be heavy machinery, welding machines- which are characterized as a hazardous activity under article 3 of the International Labour Organisation recommendation which states that working on dangerous heights or with heavy vibrating or noise-making machines.

When it was asked to him, that despite the presence of so many government schools in his town Madhupur, why did he not choose to study than going to Mumbai and work? He simply replied by saying that he had to move out because he has his sisters and mother to take care of. Their father has left them alone to starve. And he chose to move out because from childhood he has seen in his surrounding men who used to move out going to places like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad to work. The point here to be noted is that there is a lack of idea and correct influence. People move out to earn money instead of working in a nearby locality. Working in a nearby area will provide them with a bigger margin of profit as they will not have to pay rents, they can manage to have their food which the government provides to poor families on ration cards.

Proposed Ideas: -

· As there is a lack of ideas and correct influence as to what should be done in a situation like these where the family is starving. The government should start a training program for women for improving their skills like stitching, packaging, cooking, etc. So that they can take care of the families.

· There should be seminars conducted on small scales in the villages so that they can realize the value of education. There should be counseling provided to every family separately.

· There should be more investment in the educational sector by the government, many more recreational activities should be added to the curriculum so that children's interest in studies could be maintained.

· Government should initiate more programs like MANREGA to ensure the permanent and compulsory employment of adults.


Submitted by: Samridhi Sanchaya

Post: Research intern

Date of Submission: 23rd January 2021

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