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Unavailability of Smartphones Blocking Road to Education

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

3 July 2021

For the last year and a half, we are co-existing with COVID-19, some of us have adjusted

our ways and the rest are still suffering due to the pandemic. Most affected of all is the

younger generation, youth who either going to school or about to go to school. Many students

and their parents have put their hopes in the government to provide them facilities for smooth learning and education.

Recently, news came to light where several students from Guwahati have requested official

authorities to help them out by providing them assistance or technology, as they are unable to attend classes. Due to a lack of financial resources, these students are unable to educate

themselves and are under stress that they may lag as a consequence.

Though they are still passionate about studies, ongoing restrictions made seeking education a task for these students who come from a humble background and have side-lined them. Late Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru said - “Children are nation's future & tomorrow's citizens”, lack of may lead our future into the dark. Many of them shared their plight, Papiya Das (student of class 8th) mentioned that her studies aren’t going well, they are three siblings and her father is a painter who owns an old-fashioned cell phone which is incompatible with the current way of learning or education.

Shahida Khatun (a parent) explained her powerlessness and said that they are poor and cannot afford big phones. While some students having the means are studying online her children are unable to continue studies, she said expressing fear that her children might fall behind in studies.

- Kompal

Research intern, Stambh Organization

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