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Detention man of Scottish origin force to sign blank confession by Indian authorities-

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

29th January 2021 | New Delhi

Jagtar Singh Johal, who is the member of Khalistan Liberation Front (KLF) is held in the maximum-security jail in India- The Tihar Jail. The allegation imposed on him is of conspiring for a murder a member of white wing Hindu leader. He is also alleged to fund crimes and also a member of the terrorist gang.

Mr. Johal told BBC in a virtual interview, that he was tortured by the India officials in every extreme way possible. He was given High voltage shocks treatment and physical beating so much that, some days he had to be dragged out of the investigation room because he was unable to walk.

Mr Johal's lawyer Jaspal Singh Manjphur who has represented himself November 2017 (it was when his accused was detained) spoke to the media but how is the client was not provided basic facilities that the other prisoners were getting such as hot water, proper food etc.

It is claimed by the family of Mr. Johal that they came to India to perform his marriage rituals which is evident from the pictures and video clips of the day. And just a fortnight next he was arrested from the shopping trip that he went on with his newly wedded wife. And even since, he is in jail.

A few days back Mr Johal was accused of another crime by the authorities to which his lawyer questions how a man who is in the jail for continue of three years can plan of murder this clearly indicates that he is being framed and the authorities are taking advantage office detention. Johal's family and friends claimed that he is being tortured and convicted just because he was an activist and outspoken. They are pleading the British government for the help of Johal as he is a British citizen. They just want him to return to UK and to be allowed to live with his wife.

Samridhi Sanchaya, Research team, Stambh.

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