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Award Bharat Ratna To All Healthcare Professionals: Kejriwal To PM

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking the country’s highest civilian

award-Bharat Ratna to all Indian doctors, nurses, and paramedics who served the people amid the pandemic.

It will be a true homage to doctors who lost their lives while serving the nation during the pandemic, he said.“The

‘Indian Doctors’ should receive Bharat Ratna this year. It will be an honor for those who have been serving without

caring for their lives and families. The whole country will be glad at this,” Kejriwal said in a tweet in Hindi.

According to estimated data by Indian Medical Association, nearly 1500 doctors in the country succumbed to the

coronavirus infection during the second wave in mid-June. Bihar saw the maximum number of deaths(115), followed

by Delhi at 109, Uttar Pradesh 79, West Bengal 62, Rajasthan 43, Jharkhand 39, and Andra Pradesh 38, as per the

data showed.

On July 1, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressed the nation to mark national Doctor’s Day and said

hundreds of thousands of lives in the country were saved during the covid19 pandemic by the collective efforts of all

the healthcare workers.

-Kanika Sharma

Research intern , Stambh organiazation

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