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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and how the Violations of Human Right happens by the Crime

Updated: Mar 14, 2022


There is a relationship between human rights violations and a crime against


Both the legal and the illegal ways continuously report the commission of serious human rights

violations all over the world, people including politicians are doing a serious violation of the

human right and the report of a crime is done against humanity. Because of scale and due to the

effect of huge serious human rights violations, a series of questions have been provided by the

international community. Attention paid by these questions to some of the serious human rights

violations, if the relative constitutive legal element is present in the international crime and a

certain threshold gravity is met. In return, we have been provided with those answer across

diverse international law realms like international treaties drafting from those answers and

international courts to install the other instruments. At the place of National, Regional and

International level these questions have been taken place. This is predictable as a serious

violation of human rights and a crime against humanity and probably the international community faces these challenges at this time. Besides, the excessive harm mourning inflicted give the attention not only in international law but also other social science on which the merits of millions of victim around the world.

What are the Human Rights Violation

A state assigns Human Rights violations directly or indirectly. A state is doing human rights

violations intentionally or the state sometimes does violence even in the process of preventing

from violation. When the state is in the frame of human rights violations, various actors can be involved such as judges, police, government officials, prosecutors, and more. While rights such as the right to a fair trial can also be violated, such as police brutality, where no physical violence is involved, the violation can sometimes be physically violent.

Human Rights Violation

Advocates of Human Right have accepted that even after sixty years these problems, which is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is still a dream: Far from reality, Violation is happening all over the world.


For example, International's 2009 World Report:

 Tortured or swearword in at least 81 countries

 Face unjustifiable trials in at least 54 countries

 Banned in their freedom of expression in at least 77 countries

 Not only that, but women and children, in particular, are marginalized in countless

source, in many countries the press is not free, and the objector is answerless, too often

constantly. While some Profit Have been made over the last six decades, human rights

violations still fatality the world today.

India has many human rights problems, working on restoring normalcy in

Kashmir: US report

An American report says that there are many human rights violation problems in India, including

illegal humanity killings; press freedom is also being stopped and religious independence is also


The Department of State noted the development in the human rights situation in Jammu and

Kashmir in its ‘Human Rights Practices on 2020 Country Report’ to the US Congress,

"The government sustained taking steps to restore normality in Jammu and Kashmir by gradually

lifting some security and conveying Estoppels," said the State Department in its India section of

the report. The government released most political administrator from detention, it added.

India in the past cancelled similar reports. The US report mentioned estoppels on freedom of

expression and the press, or unjustified arrests or prosecutions against journalists, inclusive

violence, threats of violence, use of criminal libel laws to prosecute social media speech, or

unjustified arrests or prosecutions against journalists, site blocking, and censorship.

"The government used to respect this right, however, there were many samples in which the

government or the people of the government pumped out pressured or the people close to the

government. media outlets delegation of the government, including through online trolling.

Crimes against humanity

Crime against humanity are certain acts that are deliberately carried out in the form of a

comprehensive or systematic policy that affects the citizens in times of war or peace:

Crimes in opposition to humanity hand over to particular crimes committed in the context of a

large-scale attack targeting civilians, regardless of their nationality. These crimes include

murder, enslavement, enforced disappearance, torture, persecution, sexual violence, etc.

Crimes against humanity have been committed as part of State policies, but they can also be

perpetrated by paramilitary forces, non-state armed groups. Unlike war crimes, crime against

humanity can also be committed in peacetime, and contrary to genocide, ethnical, racial, they are

not necessarily committed against a specific national or religious group.


In today’s era crime and politics have exploited human rights. Rape, abduction, kidnapping,

assault, harassment etc. All this has destroyed not only human rights but also fundamental rights.

Crime and politics have also exploited Article 21 (Right to life and Personal Liberty) of the

people. Due to crime and politics, discrimination is happening with people even today, Article

15&16 are also being exploited. In today’s scenario, by reservation, there is no benefit to the

poor or people of lower categories, but only to the benefits of politics or the people, of top

creamy layer, it does not reach those who need such reservation. Not only the reservation but

there are also many such policies which are made by saying that it will benefit the poor and

needy people. But the policies give benefit to the government, not to the poor people and

sometimes these politics and these policies approach even crime and because of this, and again

the human rights, of the people are exploited.

According to me, this is the time for everyone to recognize their rights, not by taking the help of the government, but by being aware by themselves. Know your rights don't let your voting rights be

exploited. Choosing a good government what the government does what policies are made it is the right to know all the Indian citizens. If you want that your rights should not to be exploited,

then you should not exploit your right and do not exploit others right too.

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