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Rtd government teacher in Jammu educates slum children

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

The 61-year-old is actively working with the community since 2009. Hailing from Pipri village of Maharashtra’s Nagpur, she has been motivating elders for several years to get the children enrolled in her makeshift primary school ‘Sangarh Vidya Kendra’ at the slum.

Over three dozen neatly dressed students have turned up to attend their offline class at an open area inside the slum amid strict adherence to the Covid protocol. Schools in the Jammu zone are presently closed on account of the summer holidays.

The teacher said she was surprised to notice minor children sitting idle in groups, playing cards and even chewing tobacco.

over 100 children got enrolled at her school which was finally opened at a makeshift tin-roofed shed, provided by the slum dwellers, in August 2009 and many of them are presently reading in high and higher secondary schools.

she could have easily provided them ration or other necessities of life but instead opened a school for them. She said the best way to eradicate poverty is through education. She organized a two-hour open class once a week to keep them engaged so that they remain focused and do not lose track.

Saumya Garg, Research Intern,

Stambh Organization India

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