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21ST October 2022

In countries like India, where there is so much diversity amongst people on the religious, cultural and linguistic lines that for anyone, who is coming from outside India; it would seem festivals every day for them. In fact, for the very same reasons, India is well known for its diversity and the festivals which continue throughout the year. We have embraced them since childhood in such a manner that now they have become a part of our lives. And we also cherish it with joy along with our family, friends, and relatives.

As I have been living a thousand miles far from my home or family, this year, I have planned to celebrate differently. When I was a child, I always loved festivals and used to wait for the

festivals to come as I loved colorful lights, loads of sweets, gifts, playing with friends, etc.,

which generally children in their age love to do. As I am living far from home, alone, and the

festival is around the corner, so is the winter. There are many underprivileged children, I can see, near where I am staying now. I wonder why I shouldn’t make them cherish the festival as I used to cherish it with joy when I was a child. These children are not privileged like me. These children also have right to live like others, and at least enjoy the festivals like others. That is the least thing, I think; I can do for them, on my part. And also, I think, that’s the whole purpose of celebrating festivals so that we can include every near and dear one, and no one should be left out.

So, in pursuance of this objective, this year I visited some untouched and underprivileged

localities where I got many kids who are less privileged than other kids of their age. I distributed

sweets and talk to them. Though they liked sweets but very hesitant in talking. I took help from a

boy of age around 16-18 years who was one of them and living in the same locality. That boy

assisted me in talking with those children as well as sharing their experiences.

After returning from there, there are a few things I realized and learned now. Firstly, people tend

to accept the conditions, in whatever conditions they are, they easily and gradually adapt or make

themselves comfortable. And children are at their best stage to get mold and adapt to the

conditions to which they get or are exposed. They never complain, especially these children. I

somehow learned that being angry or being a complainer shows your privileges. This stage is the

best for us also who wish to improve the conditions of these underprivileged children because

this is the stage where they won’t complain and you can expose them or inculcate better ideas of

living, education and eventually the world in an easy, playful and better way.

Not only this festival, but we should strive in every possible festival as an excuse to reach out to

them with better dreams; and personally my achievement would be to make those ideas, dreams

ingrained in them in such a way, that they themselves strive hard to achieve those dreams. Yes,

definitely, with the assistance of someone like this organization that is inclined towards

improving or uplifting the quality of underprivileged children.



Research intern

The Stambh Organisation


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