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Gujarat government promises to help orphans even without a Covid Certificate

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

After numerous cases of children becoming orphaned and stranded due to increased death

rate of Covid-19, the state government has guaranteed monetary help and special preference

for the affected children through different government welfare plans.

The additional chief secretary (ACS), social justice & empowerment, Mr. Manoj Agarwal

said, “The state government has decided to liberally help all children who have lost their

parents due to Covid-19 or during Covid-19 era. The Government of India and the state

government together will give Rs 4,000 per month to below-18 orphaned children and those

above 18 years will get Rs 6,000 per month. We got representations that many children do

not have death certificates, stating Covid-19 as the cause of the death of parents. So the

government has decided to cover all children who have lost parents from the period that the

pandemic started, even if they don’t have related certificates. Many parents died because of

co-morbidities post-Covid also”.


Research intern, Stambh Organisation

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