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Hi, I am veronica nabam and through this article, I would like to share the environmental issues and their impact on social lives and the sustainable ways to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle and why sustainable development is important for the current modern society. In the present world, we know how polluted the air, water and soil have turned out, these contamination and toxicity of natural resources is an alarming and dangerous threat to the environment as well as affecting the social life on earth. The only way one can stop this is to take it under control and to opt for sustainable and eco-friendly ways, and to not forget environmental issues are also a major concern which has its impact directly or indirectly on the social lives. Sustainable development can help meet human development goals along with sustaining the natural resources for the future generation. HUMANS AND THE ENVIRONMENT Human beings and nature are two inseparable and intertwined components of this planet. The interrelation between the two has so far been unequal. We all know how humans have been used to nature and its sources and there seems no life without nature. The inequality in the relation between the two is a result of the human activities for their wants and need, but this has resulted in overuse and exploitation of natural resources. The shift to a modern and higher standard of living has also deteriorated the environment with the role-play of modern technology and practices. We understand the need of the current generation, but we also need to be concerned about the environment and life on earth. The pollution level is increasing at an alarming rate, which is not only the result of deforestation, industrialisation, globalisation but one important among it is human behaviour and habits. With the change of time, we also see changes in human wants and needs, and with the growing demand and easy lifestyle, we see it as a threat to the environment. The worsening condition of the natural environment is thus a social issue and needs to be addressed. We as humans can contribute a lot to improve and safeguard nature through minute but yet very important steps and be environmentally conscious.The need to opt for a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle through which we can save the environment and the lives of several other beings and also save energy for the future. DAILY HABITS OF HUMAN BEINGS THAT ARE SLOWLY KILLING AND AFFECTING THE ENVIRONMENT

SOCIAL ISSUES RELATED TO THE ENVIRONMENT WATER POLLUTION: One of the crucial factors for the pollution of water is human activities. Each year on a global scale, 2 million tons of sewage, industrial and agricultural water enter and mix with the water bodies, which leads to toxication of the water and also affects life inside and out of water. This toxication of water not only harms humans but also disrupts marine life. URBAN SPRAWL: The increasing standards of living and the expansion of urban areas is linked to environmental issues like air and water pollution and also the creation of heat islands. Urban sprawls are also linked to deforestation or forest fragmentation TRANSPORTATION: The growth is interlinked to the growing needs of transportation. According to the 2014 records transportation accounts for 26% of all greenhouse gas emissions, leading to air pollution and destruction of natural habitats. MEAT CONSUMPTION: Industrial meat turns out to be bad for the planet in terms of the methane produced in raising the animals and also deforestation and forest fire for making the grazing lands.

5 WAYS TO LIVE A SUSTAINABLE LIFE · Recycle and Reuse: The most effective way is to reuse your items and produce, multiple times before disposing of them in order to reduce waste emission.

· Reduce meat consumption:

Meat production is among the major contributors to climate Change and also leads to pollution of landscape and waterways. One can adapt to a vegetarian diet or a vegan lifestyle, if possible, in order to reduce the impact on the meat industry. · Donate or charity: Donate your unused or unwanted items to someone else or to charity instead of dumping them in the waste pile. This will help reduce waste. · Use sustainable and eco-friendly products: Use eco-friendly and sustainable products and cloth, to lessen the impact of chemicals and other toxic materials that are present in most products that are harmful to the environment. · Drive less: Use your vehicle only when required or else take a walk or ride the bike to your nearest destination or, use public transport to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the environment.

As we are all aware of the various problems related to the environment and are also aware of the factors behind all of these problems. The level of degradation, pollution and contamination of nature has gone too far to revert back to its original stage, even if it will take a long time. Therefore, it is our responsibility to raise awareness in society and save the planet from further more damages. These damages are done not only by the industrial sectors but also by the human habits and changing lifestyle.So, in order to make a change through ourselves, we must improve or change our lifestyle and habits to make this planet a better place to live. These steps to a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle could be as easy as not wasting food, closing water taps when not in use, switching off the electric boards when not charging, or wearing sustainable clothing which is made through recycling old worn clothes, consuming less meat on your diet etc. These small steps can have a huge impact and will lead to the betterment of the planet and society. REFERENCES: Jen Gale,thesustainable (ish) living guide (first published 9 January 2020) Tom Tomson, ’14 ways to live a more sustainable live’ (16 April 2018) accessed 27 October 2021 UGC ‘social issues and the environment’ accessed 27 October 2021

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