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Updated: Mar 13, 2022

A safe, clean, healthy, and sustainable environment is integral to the full

enjoyment of a wide range of human rights, including the rights to life, health,

food, water, and sanitation. Without a healthy environment, we are unable to

fulfill our aspirations. In recent years, the recognition of the links between

human rights and the environment has greatly increased. The number and scope

of international and domestic laws, judicial decisions, and academic studies on

the relationship between human rights and the environment are growing rapidly.

The human rights and the environment mandate, created in March 2012 and

extended in 2018, examines the human rights obligations as they relate to a safe,

clean, healthy, and sustainable environment. It also promotes best practices

relating to the use of human rights in environmental policymaking.

The many States now incorporate a right to a healthy environment in their

constitutions. Yet many questions about the relationship between human rights and the

environment remain unanswered and require further examination.

Recent environment news:

1. SC notice to Centre on appeal against UltraTech Cement's limestone

mining project in Gujarat

2. A federal judge ordered Exxon Mobil to pay a USD 14.25 million civil

penalty Tuesday in an 11-year-old lawsuit alleging it violated the Clean

Air Act for eight years at its flagship Baytown, Texas, refinery. In setting

the penalty, which would go to the US Treasury, US District Judge David

Hittner of Houston reduced a previous award he handed down in 2017 of

almost USD 20 million

3 .PM2.5 air pollution claimed 54,000 lives in Delhi last year, says study

4.Centre's panel for air quality management in NCR shuts down within 5

months of formation

5 . Deaths from fossil fuel emissions higher than previously thought

6. London teenagers' road signs highlight the effect of toxic air on people of


7 . With a premature death every five seconds, air pollution is a violation of

human rights says UN expert

8 . At the child rights debate, Member States also heard from UN High

Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, who warned that

environmental harm severely affects “the youngest children, indigenous

children and those from low-income and marginalized communities”

One of the worst sufferers of all this pollution is the residents nearby an

industry or mines because these industry or miners come to these place for a

specific period of time and once they have achieved the target they leave these

residents behind suffering for uncounted years. These mining activities have

uncounted harm effects on the environment and ultimately it affects the nearby

people because the industrialist and miner come and go when they have

achieved the purpose so they move ahead for further destructions of




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